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General Ironwork & Tools

We have been asked to design and build many varied items over the years, from gates & railings to security grilles and barriers along with our small range of equestrian & garden tools.
Some of our projects & tools are shown below.

a large tree guard

A tree guard to protect this tree from deere, it is quite large at 4ft diameter & was constructed in 3 sections which bolt together to make transporting and installing easier, it has legs which are concreted in the ground to keep it anchored!

pink poo picker

This is the very first 'equestrian tool' we made & since offering them for sale online they have proved to be very popular, sometimes we are unable to produce them fast enough to meet demand, We first made them in Black, this pink one is a more recent addition to the range, both available to buy online in the shop or from the workshop.

swallows weather vane

This weathervane was designed and constructed to replace a 'dog' weathervane which had begun to corrode after many years, the design brief was 'birds / swallows on a branch, a bit fancy & scrolls' and this is what we came up with, finished in black powder coat.

Traditional garden line

This is one of our traditional garden lines, much the same as many of you may have made in metalwork classes at School! Same basic design but rather than rivets we weld ours together, we offer two finishes, both hand painted in grey or pink.

green panel wind break

This is a teenage shelter which we were asked to add the green panels to.
The panels are all spray painted to match the roof & have smooth edging fitted to all exposed edges for safety. Part of the same job was to pack under some of the legs and screw them down to the concrete.

ragwort fork long version
ragwort fork standard height

Our unique design of tine positioning makes our ragwort forks one of the most effective at complete removal of the ragwort plant root ball, our forks cradle the root ball enabling its complete removal for less chance of regrowth.
We make our forks in 2 sizes, a standard height fork above at approx 34 inches and this tall version at approx 39 inches especially for a taller operator, the tall fork has the same tine layout as the standard so it is just as effective at ragwort removal.

Decorative bridge

This is a bridge we made to fit over a fish pond, it has fixing legs in the ground to keep it stable, handrails and scrolls are all handmade, the slats are made from sanded and stained pallet wood! 
It was never built as a pedestrian bridge, but it will carry a person, although the slope is a little steep!

hexagon metal table

We were asked to make a table to imitate / match the shape of the teenage shelter; we designed a hexagonal table top which bolts to the support pillar which is also hexagonal in shape. The pillar frame and top is powder coated while the green panels are spray painted to match the rest of the shelter. The table is bolted to the floor at the base of each leg, neatly hidden behind the green panels.

small grappling hook

This is the grappling hook we made as a one off for a customer who was fed up with not being able to fish his favourite sea fishing spot due to all the lost tackle he kept getting tangled up in.
When he told us how effective it had been for him we made a few more and offered them for sale, they remain a very popular item although they must never be used for climbing as they are only mild steel and will straighten out if overloaded!

galvanised railings

This is part of a large number of railings we made for the Waveney River Centre, they are installed around the disabled access ramp and decking next to the campsite around the pool building.
They are a plain galvanised finish.

Placeholder Picture

This is a smaller weeding tool we have made, it has a different tine layout to the ragwort forks with all the tines in a row and a small levering pad on the back to help with weed removal.

hexagonal tree guard

This is a tree guard we made fo protect a tree which was planted to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
It is a much grander design than a normal guard with finials on the posts and scalloped top bars to match the teenage shelter, two of the panels open to allow weeding.

white metal pillars

This is a set of columns constructed from 100 x 100 x 3 box section with 100 x 5 flat plate welded on each end for supporting one side of a car port roof, they are finished in Orchid white gloss over grey anti rust primer.

arrow roof ties

These are roof ties which we made for a customer; they wanted something decorative because they were going to be visible once the building was completed so we came up with the arrow head design.


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